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‘Cabrini’ Highlights the Saint Whose Trust in Christ Changed New York


We Are All Blood Brothers


Large families association launches ‘Save the planet, have more children’ campaign

A father and son observe pro-natalist billboard campaign in Madrid, Spain. / Credit: Large Families Association of Madrid

ACI Prensa Staff, Feb 23, 2024 / 07:00 am (CNA).

The Large Families Association of Madrid has launched an advertising campaign featuring the message “Save the planet, have more children.” 

CPAC Panelists Sound Alarm Amid Transgender-Related Parental Rights Battles


Australian Bishop Christopher Saunders Arrested, Charged With Rape


Thomas Merton—Duty does not have to be dull …

Duty does not have to be dull. Love can make it beautiful and fill it with life. — Thomas Merton

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A Bleak Year for Christian Unity Concludes


Don’t ignore Alexei Navalny’s Christian faith

We risk missing the lessons of Alexei Navalny’s death for his principles if we ignore his very Christian understanding of suffering.

The interfaith history of the C.R.S. Rice Bowl

You’ve probably seen the little cardboard boxes that pop up in classrooms, dining rooms and churches during Lent. But do you know the history of C.R.S.’s Operation Rice Bowl?

An outspoken bishop is bringing hope to Catholics under attack in Myanmar

The destroyed St. Matthew Church is pictured in Myanmar's eastern Kayah State in Daw Ngay Ku village on June 27, 2022. The church was reportedly blown up by landmines and torched by Myanmar’s military junta. (CNS photo/courtesy Amnesty International)
Myanmar’s church has found a powerful new voice in Bishop Shwe, who has joined his flock among the ranks of the nation’s displaced people.