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Are Americans ready to forgive Donald Trump?

In his first speech since the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, the former president seemed humbled and sought to bring the country together. But can this person unite America?

How Pixar’s ‘Inside Out 2’ explains modern therapy culture

Talented minds are implanting ideals in the inner landscapes of our young. We should be paying more attention.

We all feel like pigs sometimes. ‘Porco Rosso’ shows us how to see the good in ourselves anyway.

The protagonist of “Porco Rosso” is a pig literally and metaphorically: He’s rude, cocksure and a notorious womanizer.

Eucharistic Diary: Holy chaos at the Eucharistic Congress

A nun with lightsabers. 100 priests hearing confession. Spontaneous song. Prayers over pizza. Toddlers at Mass. The Eucharistic Congress is chaotic, loud, fun—and glorious.

‘The Acolyte’ shows us the dark side of the Jedi Order—and it should look familiar to Catholics

“The Acolyte,” the latest installment in the “Star Wars” franchise, shows us what happens when even the best of us cozy up to power.

Priests need a summer vacation, too.

Taking time off speaks to the need all people in ministry understand: To be deliberate about rest and to recharge so as to serve more effectively.

Bishop reminds vacationers: Only in God does the soul find rest

null / Credit: Egor Pasko from Moscow, Russia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

ACI Prensa Staff, Jul 19, 2024 / 07:00 am (CNA).

In a new pastoral letter Bishop Ginés García Beltrán of Getafe, Spain, points out that “rest is good and necessary.”

Father Mike Schmitz: 5 ways Catholics can be better evangelizers

Father Schmitz offered his wisdom on a number of topics, especially evangelization and the importance of Eucharist, to reporters a few hours before his talk in Indianapolis.

Pope calls for Olympic truce, cessation of conflict among nations

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- With world peace under serious threat, Pope Francis called on all nations to observe the Olympic truce and cease all conflicts for the traditional period before, during and after the Olympic Games in Paris.

May God help "enlighten the consciences of those in power to the grave responsibilities incumbent upon them, may he grant peacemakers success in their endeavors," the pope said in a written message to Archbishop Laurent Ulrich of Paris.

The Vatican published the letter July 19, seven days before the opening of the Summer Games and the customary start of the observance of the Olympic truce. The archbishop celebrated Mass in Paris at the Church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine July 19 to mark the official start of the Olympic truce.

The Olympic truce tradition, originating in Greece in the 8th-century B.C., asked that all wars and conflict be suspended during the games and seven days before and after the games as a way to make sure participants could travel to and from the venue safely. 

torch athens
A dancer lights the torch during the Olympic flame handover ceremony for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics at Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece, April 26, 2024. (CNS photo/courtesy of IOC Media)

The International Olympic Committee revived the tradition in 1992 and it works with the United Nations to pass a symbolic U.N. resolution before each Games inviting U.N. member states to observe a truce to encourage the Olympic spirit of peace.

In his letter, the pope said the Olympic Games can be "an exceptional meeting place between peoples, even the most hostile. The five interlinked rings represent the spirit of fraternity that should characterize the Olympic event and sporting competition in general."

"I therefore hope that the Paris Olympics will be an unmissable opportunity for all those who come from around the world to discover and appreciate each other, to break down prejudices, to foster esteem where there is contempt and mistrust, and friendship where there is hatred. The Olympic Games are, by their very nature, about peace, not war," he wrote.

"It was in this spirit that antiquity wisely instituted a truce during the Games, and that modern times regularly attempt to revive this happy tradition," the pope wrote.

"In these troubled times, when world peace is under serious threat, it is my fervent wish that everyone will take this truce to heart, in the hope of resolving conflicts and restoring harmony," he wrote.

Pope Francis also sent his support and blessings to all athletes, spectators and the people of Paris, including the many Catholics who "are preparing to open wide the doors of their churches, schools and homes." 

olympic rings paris
The Olympic rings are seen in front of the Hotel de Ville City Hall in Paris March 14, 2023. The Olympics will take place July 26 - Aug. 11. (USCCB photo/Gonzalo Fuentes, Reuters)

"I hope that the organization of these Games will provide the people of France with a wonderful opportunity for fraternal harmony, enabling us to transcend differences and opposition and strengthen the unity of the nation," he wrote.

The Olympic Games begin July 26 and run until Aug. 11, followed by the Paralympic Games, which will take place from Aug. 28 to Sept. 8.

Some 10,500 athletes from around the world are set to compete in the Olympics and as many as 4,400 in the Paralympics. Thirty-seven athletes from 11 countries of origin are expected to represent the Refugee Olympic Team at the Summer Games and eight athletes from six countries will compete in the Refugee Paralympic Team.

The Paris Summer Games will mark the first time there is the same number of women and men competing in events since the modern Summer Olympics began in Athens in 1896 and where all the athletes were men.

St. Catherine Labouré—I knew nothing; I was nothing …

I knew nothing; I was nothing. For this reason, God picked me out. — St. Catherine Labouré

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