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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Daily Mass 6/24/2021

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Mass Times

ALL Masses Are in the Main Church.

Monday through Saturday @ 9:00 AM
Saturday Vigil: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM
LIVESTREAMING MASS SCHEDULE (Live-Streamed via Facebook and Parish Website):
- MONDAY through SATURDAY at 9:00 AM
- SUNDAY at 12 Noon
- Can be watched anytime at your convenience.
SATURDAY 3:30 PM- 4:30 PM (in Church)
Our chapel is open for exposition of the blessed sacrament from 12:30 – 9:00 pm every day.

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Link to Sunday Mass at the Cathedral:   Vimeo  OR  Facebook

Mass Intentions for 2021

Mass Intentions:

Beginning January, 2021, we will have Mass intentions available for both weekday & weekend Masses. We will have Mass intentions available for Holy Day Masses. Remember that Mass intentions can be for the living or deceased.

OLPH Memorial Society:

An "OLPH Memorial Society" has been instituted beginning in 2021. Here is how it works:

For a minimum donation of $15 someone is enrolled into the Memorial Society.  The 9:00 AM Mass every first Friday is for “All Those Enrolled in the OLPH Memorial Society” Those who are enrolled into the society receive a special Memorial enrollment card with padded folder.

Additional Memorials Available:

I know that at this time someone can have the sanctuary candle in the church and the chapel burn in memory of someone or for a specific intention. I would like to expand the memorials to include the following:   Altar Bread, Altar Wine, Chapel Floral Arrangement (live), Church Floral Arrangement (live). More details about the minimum donation for each of these items in the near future. Again you would receive a card to give to the family indicating that the Altar Bread (wine, arrangement etc.) for the week of __/__/__ was given in memory of (or for the intention of) XXX by XXX. These memorials can be for the living or deceased.

Once again, these changes will go into effect January, 2021.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. James E. Goerner

ARISE Podcast Series

The Arise Podcast explores Catholic life in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and offers reflections on the Word of God as it speaks to us in our own day. Featuring Father Richard Owens, O.F.M. Cap., Father Eric Banecker, and Gina Christian, the podcast presents the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Catholic faith to Catholics, fellow Christians, and all those who seek something more.

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Catholicism in the Time of Coronavirus

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Catholic Charities Appeal 2021

Monsignor Savinski's Retirement Assignment

As announced on June 21st, Monsignor Savinski has retired as Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help after serving here for 17 years. Although retiring from the administration of pastoral duties on the parish level, Monsignor will continue his priestly ministry in two areas:

  • First, he has been appointed by Archbishop Perez to serve as his Master of Ceremonies.
    In this position Monsignor will coordinate the Archbishop’s liturgical celebrations throughout the Archdiocese such as Confirmations, Pastoral Visits to Parishes and High School, Anniversary Masses, Priest and Deacon Funeral Masses as well as coordinate a team of assisting priests and deacons.
  • Secondly, Monsignor will be assisting with the Spiritual Formation Program at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary as a Spiritual Director, Spiritual Formation Presentations, and confessor as needed.

Monsignor is now residing at St. Charles Seminary. His new appointment began on July 8. Monsignor’s new address is:

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary
100 East Wynnewood Road
Wynnewood, PA 19096

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