OLPH Parish Children's Choir

2021 – 2022 OLPH Parish Children’s Choir


Dear Parents;

I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to the OLPH Parish Children’s Choir program.  At our practices the children are offered instruction in proper singing and vocal technique as well as additional instruction on how music enhances participation in the sacred liturgy.

This year our choir will begin on Sunday October 10, 2021  @ 11:15 am.  Our Choir will now be practicing in the choir loft of the church. These practices will take place on the Second and Fourth Sunday of each month.  A schedule of the masses that the children will be singing at will be published shortly.

Please contact me by email@ maryleefairfield@aol.com and place OLPH Parish Children’s Choir in your subject heading to enroll your child in what I hope will be a very  exciting way to praise the Lord in song!

Please note that I have expanded our choir age group to include all children of the parish under age 18.  I am very pleased to extend this invitation to our many very talented high school students as well as our elementary and middle school students.  I also would like to encourage any instrumental students who would like to participate in accompanying us in our new virtual choir format to contact me.  I would be thrilled to work with you!

You may feel free to contact me by email @ maryleefairfield@aol.com for further information and to sign your children up  to participate in our parish children’s choir!

(Reasonably priced online/virtual private lessons on piano, beginner guitar and beginner voice, ukulele, violin,clarinet, saxophone and snare drum  are also available for the children of the parish on weekdays in the after school hours and on weekends by special arrangement.)

I look forward to working with you and your children.  I wish you and your families every blessing during the upcoming school year!

Marylee Fairfield

Forms Needed to Sign Up (Click Below)

(Please Print, Complete and Sign, then Scan and Email back to Marylee at the email shown above):

Permission Slip/Registration

Release and Waiver Form