Our Lady of Angels Regional Catholic School



Our Lady of Angels Regional School provides educational opportunities in an environment that is committed to the Gospel message and high academic standards for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school offers students a curriculum that is approved by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and, while supporting them in all their endeavors, it challenges students to do their best work. Our Lady of Angels Regional School is committed promoting the Gospel message of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The administration, faculty and staff  strive to see Christ in all those they encounter. The administration,  faculty and staff work together to provide all the students with learning opportunities that challenge them to grow and acknowledge the giftedness of each individual. They recognize and appreciate the relationship of home and school, and work together for the good of the students. The Home and School Association of Our Lady of Angels Regional School  aids in the communication between the school and the parents of the students. The association schedules fund-raising events and initiatives that not only supplement operational costs and help with the purchase of new equipment, but also provide social opportunities that further enhance the Our Lady of Angels Regional School experience. For all information regarding Our Lady of Angels Regional School  please contact Mrs. Susan Lowe, M.S. , at 610-543-8350, or visit the school website at: https://ourladyofangelsmorton.org/.