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Biden didn’t do something unthinkable. LBJ also withdrew from the presidential race.

President Joe Biden's decision not to seek re-election is surprising—but don't call it unprecedented. It happened once before, in 1968.

Gloria Purvis at the Eucharistic Congress: Respect the pope, repent of racism and put God over politics

In her keynote address at the Eucharistic Congress, Gloria Purvis warned that disloyalty to Pope Francis, the sin of racism and putting political parties above God threaten the unity of the Catholic Church.

Lowering the temperature in Catholic culture wars—over a meal

Close up shot of green olives, almonds and bread served on a dining table, to snack on as appetizer during a dinner party. (iStock/fotostorm)
In face-to-face conversations, Catholics can disagree without being disagreeable, moving beyond caricatures to better understand each other’s humanity and heart.

Eucharistic pilgrimage planned for 2025, next congress to be held before 2033

A Eucharistic pilgrimage from Indianapolis to Los Angeles is being planned for spring 2025, while congress organizers who had been discerning an 11th National Eucharistic Congress in 2033, are now considering planning the event even sooner.

Single Catholics talk struggles of dating at National Eucharistic Congress event

Dating while discerning religious vocations was just one topic discussed at an event that also included conversations about the best place to meet other single Catholics and today’s gender dynamics.

By Pope Francis’ Decision, Buenos Aires Is No Longer the Primate Diocese of Argentina

A Primate Diocese is a diocese that has a preeminent position or leadership in the Catholic Church in a region or country.

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Survey Highlights Most Common Complaints of Vatican Employees

The press release stressed that the Association’s efforts “are not seen positively by certain superiors. “ A recent example is the lawsuit filed recently by 49 employees of the Vatican Museums, given the conditions of work that they consider unjust and deficient.

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Pope warns against falling victim to hectic 'dictatorship of doing'

VATICAN NEWS (CNS) -- In order to be compassionate and respond best to the needs of others, it is necessary to take time out to relax and not be anxious about getting things done, Pope Francis said.

It is also a "social injustice" when working parents hardly see their children because of long hours away from home, he said, before praying the Angelus in St. Peter's Square July 21. "In families, fathers and mothers should have time to share with their children, to let love grow within their family and in order not to fall into the dictatorship of doing."

The pope reflected on the day's Gospel reading from St. Mark (6:30-34) about Jesus telling the apostles to rest after their return from their mission of preaching and healing. However, when Jesus saw the vast crowd that had gathered, "his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things," the verse says.

The pope said, "On the one hand, there is an invitation to rest, and on the other, Jesus' compassion for the crowd." Resting and being compassionate "may seem like two incompatible things, while they actually go together."

"Only if we learn how to rest can we have compassion. Indeed, it is only possible to have a compassionate gaze, which knows how to respond to the needs of others, if our heart is not consumed by the anxiety of doing, if we know how to stop and how to receive the grace of God, in the silence of adoration," he said. 

pope july 21
Pope Francis delivers his blessing to visitors gathered in St. Peter's Square after praying the Angelus at the Vatican July 21, 2024. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)

There is a danger that "can threaten us when, for instance, our enthusiasm in carrying out our mission or our work, as well as the roles and tasks entrusted to us, make us fall victim to a kind of activism which is overly concerned with things to do and with results, and this is a bad thing," he said.

"It then happens that we become agitated and lose sight of what is essential. We risk exhausting our energies and falling into bodily and spiritual fatigue," the pope said.

A person's life, society in general and even the church in its pastoral work may often be "held prisoner by haste," he said. "Brothers and sisters, let us beware of the dictatorship of doing!"

This can also happen out of necessity in families, he added, when one or both parents have to earn a living and sacrifice time that could have been spent with the family, for example, having to leave before the kids are awake and getting home after they are asleep.

"This is a social injustice," he said. "Let us think about what we can do to help people who are forced to live in this way."

Pope Francis encouraged Catholics to ask themselves: "Am I able to stop during my day? Am I capable of taking a moment to be with myself and with the Lord, or am I always in a hurry, in a constant hurry for things to do?"

He asked the faithful to find an "inner" place of rest even in the midst of a busy day and to be compassionate towards others.

Pope warns against "dictatorship of doing"

Pope warns against "dictatorship of doing"

A look at Pope Francis' Angelus July 21, 2024.

Feeling hopeless? Try this!

When faced with a hopeless situation, people will respond in a variety of ways. Some will be overcome with panic, some will turn to food or alcohol, and some will just “get busy.” For the most part, responding in any of these ways will not really fix anything. As a general rule, any response that […]

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St. Joseph Cafasso—We were born to love …

We were born to love, we live to love, and we will die to love still more. — St. Joseph Cafasso

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