LENTEN EVENTS: Two Powerful Nights with Noted Author, Speaker and Former Jewish Harvard Professor Roy Schoeman

MARCH 28TH, 7PM: A Personal Journey from Judaism to Atheism to Catholicism: The Remarkable Story of Roy Schoeman

Roy Schoeman grew up Jewish, the son of German Jewish Holocaust refugees, and received a solid Jewish formation from three of the most notable rabbis in America at the time. After losing his faith in God at university (MIT), he went on to Harvard Business School where, shortly after receiving his degree, he joined the faculty at the age of 29. Without God, life seemed entirely meaningless, despite his worldly success. Then, entirely unexpectedly, God revealed Himself to Roy. Come hear the amazing account of Roy's supernatural encounters with Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary which resulted in his enthusiastic entry into the Catholic Church. It's a presentation you won't want to miss!

MARCH 29TH, 7PM: Why the Last Supper and the Crucifixion took place on Passover: The Transformation of Judaism into the Catholic Church

Why did the very first Catholic Mass — the Last Supper — have to also be a Jewish Passover Seder? Why did Jesus have to be crucified on the eve of Passover? In this presentation, Roy Schoeman, a frequent guest on EWTN and author of "Salvation is from the Jews" and "Honey from the Rock," will explain how God's perfect plan for salvation depended on both Judaism and the Catholic Church, resulting in their convergence on Good Friday.

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About the Speaker: Roy Schoeman was born in a suburb of New York City of Jewish parents who had fled Nazi Germany. His Jewish education and formation were received under some of the most prominent Rabbis in contemporary American Jewry. His secular education included a B.Sc. from M.I.T. and M.B.A. magna cum laude from Harvard Business School. Midway through a career of teaching and consulting (as a faculty member of the Harvard Business School) he experienced an unexpected and instantaneous conversion to Christianity which led to a dramatic refocus of his activities. Now he writes, speaks, and teaches on Catholic theology, focusing on the relationship between Judaism and the Catholic Church. He has written two best-selling books published by Ignatius Press -- Salvation is from the Jews: The Role of Judaism in Salvation History, and Honey from the Rock: Sixteen Jews Find the Sweetness of Christ, taught theology at Ave Maria University and Holy Apostles College and Seminary, hosts a weekly Catholic radio show on Radio Maria, appears frequently on Catholic television and radio, and gives talks, missions, and retreats throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and South and Central America.