Family Catechesis

Orientation Meeting

UPDATED, SEPT. 2019:  We will kick off the Family Catechesis program this year with an Orientation meeting on Sunday, September 8 at 11:00 AM in the Rectory Basement. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce everyone to the families and the teams, and to answer any questions. 

Schedule and Fees

After this initial Orientation meeting the actual on-site classes will occur on a once per month basis (from September through April) with the families assigned to one of two scheduling tracks (Family Cat 1 OR Family Cat 2).  Sessions occur on Sundays starting at 11: 00 am (Directly after 10:00 Mass).  See below for Information regarding the dates for each of the 2 Sunday tracks:

Orientation for Both Sunday Options:  September 8, 2019 11:00 am
Family Cat 1: 
October: 6 , November 10, December 8, January 5, February 9, March 8, April 5
Family Cat 2:
September 22, November 24, December 8, January 26, February 23, March 22, April 19
Closing for Both Tracks:  Sunday, April 26 11:00 AM
NOTE:  It is important that families attend ALL sessions in order to get the certificates at the end of the program. If a family is unable to attend one of the scheduled sessions in their track then it might be possible to attend that same session in the other track (e.g. A "Track 2" family can not attend session #1 on Sept. 22 but might be able to attend that same session in Track 1 on Oct. 6 ). However this must be communicated to the DRE (Michele Hundermark) in advance to ensure proper coverage as we don't have teachers for all grades in both tracks.
You will need to sign a Family Cat Contract and return it to the PREP Office in order to participate in this program.
Here is a link to the contract:
Fees are Same as Traditional PREP - PREP Fees


Families living and learning Faith together

Families of Children in grade 1-8 gather together monthly for an hour and a half session introducing the seven thematic units of the children’s faith workbook.  Catechists present an overview of the upcoming unit and work with the children on the first of three chapters in an age specific classroom setting.   At the same time, parents gather together in the gym for a parent session focused on the same thematic topic. The parents then work with their children on the next two chapters at home to complete the unit.

The breakdown of the agenda for this program is shown below (see Track scheduling info above for specific dates of Sessions 1 through 7):

  • Orientation: September 8, 2019 - 11:00 AM in Rectory Basement
  • Session #1 -  Revelation
  • Session #2 -  Trinity
  • Session #3 -  Jesus Christ
  • Session #4 -  The Church
  • Session #5 -  Morality
  • Session #6 -  Sacraments
  • Session #7 -  Kingdom of God ( All paperwork gets turned in and all tests completed)
  • Closing Service:  April 26, 2020Service and Certificates


Plus:  Explore the parish events, Gospel challenge, Weekly Mass attendance, Monthly Mass reflection, and all Unit Reviews.

Families will take turns with light refreshments for each session.


Mass Attendance

All families enrolled in the Family Catechesis program  are expected to participate in the Sunday Mass and all Holy Days of Obligation. It is in the context of the Holy Mass that we not only give honor and glory to God, but we receive God himself in the Eucharist. At the heart of the Church stands the Eucharist , the “Source and Summit of the Christian life.”

 In an effort to stay centered on the Eucharist,  the PREP office along with our Pastor  is asking each family to attend Catholic Mass weekly and to fill out a  Family reflection form to be turned in at each session.

The family reflection sheet is meant to help you facilitate conversations before and after your family’s Mass going experience. You do not need to be an expert to answer all the questions brought up.  Please enjoy the conversation and family time this reflection sheet is intended for.  You are also welcome to turn them in every week if you wish!



 There is a two year preparation period for the reception of sacraments in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as mandated by the Office of the Bishop.   Children in this program will be eligible to receive the sacraments. They will still need to  fulfill all sacramental requirements  as well as attend all practices as required by each particular sacrament.  Parents are expected to attend ALL parent meetings. However, they will count toward your “Explore the Parish” part of the program.


Explore the Life of the Parish

 Children need to see us “being Church” together.  WE have to ask ourselves, “Do we practice the kind of church we want our children to have?  At home, at work, at church begin with people closest to you, where you live. It is in the life of the parish that the children truly see us being church together. It is here that they see  us living our faith. We ask families to “Explore (4) the life of the Parish.  Using the template of the four pillars of our faith :Creed/Sacraments/Prayer/Morality. Exploring the life of the parish includes opportunities intended to help us explore and grow in our faith. We and the parish at large provide these opportunities very intentionally to meet people where they are, focused on everyday living of the faith, and learning the traditions of our faith.  Some of these programs will be audience specific (e.g. parent meetings) others will be intended for all ages and perfect for whole families.

A reflection form will be available in the prep office.  After participating in a  “Life in the Parish” you can turn in  your form at the next family session. Families will  attend and turn in 4 forms  prior to registering for the next prep year.


Families Living the Gospel

We hope to follow the lead of Pope Francis  when he called us to become a “Missionary Church” and a “Church of Mercy”.  We will be exploring the Spiritual Works of Mercy this year as part of our Christian Service. Each month you will receive your  “Living the Gospel” participant sheet.

 Each family is asked to participate in the Families Living the Gospel Mercy Challenge. After you and your family perform a justice or charity experience together, fill out the Families Living the Gospel reflection sheet and turn it in at your monthly session.  This reflection will help your family discuss your shared experience, both the impact it had on you and those you served.

Two of these can count towards your Explore the Life of the Parish (4) as well.