“…It is for the sponsor to see that the confirmed person acts as a true witness to Christ and faithfully fulfills the obligations connected with this Sacrament.”                             

Cannon 892, Code of Canon Law


A sponsor is a person who is willing to be a friend, witness and guide for the candidate.  The sponsor should know the candidate and be able to help him/her on this Spiritual Journey and to share his/her faith.  The selection of a sponsor should be indicated at the beginning of the candidate’s immediate preparation.  A sponsor:

  •  Must belong to the Catholic Church and be fully initiated, having received Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.


  • Should be sufficiently mature (having completed the 16th year) in his/her faith commitment, and should be actively expressing it within the Christian community.


  • Should actively strive to live out their commitment to Christ through their prayer life and by trying to be faithful to the values and moral teachings of their Catholic Church.


  • If married must be married according to the laws of the Catholic Church regarding marriage and be presently living in a valid marriage. (Persons who are divorced but not re-married outside the Church are eligible as sponsors.)


  • Must not be living with someone outside of marriage.


  • Should be a practicing Catholic regularly attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion on Sundays and Holy Days.


  • Will be an example of Christian living to the person they are sponsoring by the faith they profess in the Lord, His Church and by their support and service to their parish community.


  • Must be reasonably informed on current Church teachings.


  • Must obtain a statement of eligibility from his/her parish.


  • May be either male or female for any candidate.


  • May be and whenever conditions permit should be, the baptismal sponsor. This expresses more clearly the relationship between Baptism and Confirmation, and also makes the function of the sponsor more effective.


  • Cannot be a parent.