“The initiation of children into the sacramental life is, for the most part, the responsibility and concern of the Christian parents. They are to form and gradually develop a spirit of faith in the children and with the help of catechetical institutions, prepare them for the fruitful reception of Confirmation and Eucharist.  This responsibility of the parents is also shown by their active participation in the celebration of the Sacraments.”

                                                                                                                                                Rite of Confirmation, #3


Parents are encouraged to become involved with the preparation for their son's or daughter's Confirmation by:


  • Growing in their personal relationship with God.


  • Serving as models for their son or daughter during the time of preparation for confirmation.



  • Deepening their faith relationship with their son or daughter during this time of preparation for Confirmation


  • Attending parent programs conducted to deepen their own awareness of the meaning of Confirmation for Christian living and to assist them as they help their son or daughter freely request the Sacrament.



  • Assisting and encouraging the candidate in studying the basic beliefs of the Catholic faith and performing service projects.


  • Participating with their son or daughter in any special liturgies, Para-liturgy or other activity preparing for Confirmation.



  • Encouraging the newly-confirmed person to continue to be actively involved in the church.